A Victory worth waiting for

After months of campaigning, May saw the news we had all been waiting for: Prime Minister John Key, under pressure from all areas, finally announced that no animal tests would ever be allowed for party pill testing!

There was much happiness and excitement in the SAFE offices: a long, hard battle fought by SAFE, other animal groups and caring individuals like you, had finally been won.

We could not have done this without your support. A huge thank-you to YOU for helping SAFE ensure animals will not suffer in these painful and shameful tests.

Even better!

This victory does not just stop at
 New Zealand. The announcement will have far-reaching international repercussions. Other countries have been watching
 New Zealand’s handling of this issue closely since we are the first country in the world to introduce legislation for party drugs.
Our decision is sure to influence legislation in other countries, saving animals from suffering overseas as well.

Every single one of us should feel immensely proud of this victory. Thank you for adding your voice and playing a part in preventing cruelty to animals.