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Take Urgent Action For Pigs!

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Animals don't have a voice to speak for themselves.

It's time to speak up for them.

Now is a crucial time for pigs. For the first time in nine years, we have a Government with two parties that support a ban on farrowing crates. SAFE handed Parliament the largest petition it's seen in five years.

New Zealanders everywhere are calling for a ban on farrowing crates and the topic is on the agenda for a Parliamentary Committee.

In a farrowing crate, a mother is trapped for up to five weeks, two to three times a year. It is so small she can't even turn around. She can't build a nest for her babies.

Pigs can't use their voice to speak out, but you can use yours to say why farrowing crates need to be banned.

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Actions You Can Take:

Send a personalised message to your local MP telling them why farrowing crates should be banned. We'll find your electorate and MP for you - all you need to do is write your message.

MPs are elected to represent YOU. Meeting them in person is the most effective way to be heard. Voice your concern and ask them to use their influence to help pigs. Find out how to approach them and what you need to know.

The local paper is a great way to express your concern to others in your community. MPs also often pay attention to views of their constituents by reading letters to the editor - bonus! View some helpful writing tips and get your local press contact details.

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