Take Action

Even if all you have is one minute you can still take action to help animals.


Standing up for animals

There are lots of positive ways you can help animals and make a difference. 

Everyday people around New Zealand are standing up for animals, and there is real change as a result.  We are seeing law changes for animals and compassionate living is more popular than ever before!  And it's because of people like you getting involved.

Even if all you have is 60 seconds, you can help.

Responsive imageHELP THE PIGS Pledge to boycott pork.

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HELP COWS AND CALVES Pledge to go dairy-free.

Responsive imageCHICKENS BRED FOR MEAT Take the chicken-free pledge.

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DUCK SHOOTING Demand an independent review.

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LIVE EXPORT Ban ALL live export.

Responsive imageJUMPS RACING End the exploitation and suffering of horses.

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GREYHOUND RACING Demand an end to greyhound racing.

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HELP CATTLE Ask for an end to feedlots


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