Camouflaged ducks

Coming up in May, hunters will have something new to concern themselves with, in addition to falling numbers of ducks to shoot. NO ducks to shoot.

Local animal groups in the Waikato, the popular area for hunters, will be making sure fewer ducks are shot this season, which begins 6 May, by helping to camouflage them.

The trial, the first in New Zealand, began in 2015 and involved volunteers putting lightweight, sky-blue and white jackets on ducks so that they are harder to spot in flight, meaning they are no longer an identifiable target for shooters.

The jackets, dubbed 'DUCKSAFE' have been specially made by a team of keen sewers over the last few months and are designed to disintegrate over time as well as being environmentally friendly. The jackets do not inhibit the ducks in water, or their ability to fly.

Groups overseas have already shown an interest in using duck camouflage in their areas.

"The opening weekend of duck shooting season is like a blood bath. We hope this direct action will mean the ducks will be safe this year. Now it's proved successful, we plan to roll it out nationwide.” says local activist Jake Onue. “Duck shooting is nothing but a celebration of cruelty. It is gruesome and very sad to see people taking delight in killing."

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