90,000 Signatures Calling for Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

SAFE has renewed calls for the government to make it illegal to use animal testing for cosmetics, handing in more than 90,000 signatures outside Parliament calling for a ban. The rally was run in conjunction with campaigners from NZAVS, HUHA, Humane Society International and Action Station. The groups were joined by Green MPs Mojo Mathers, Steffan Browning, Gareth Hughes and international model Anna-Lisa Christiane.

If successful the ban proposed would make New Zealand the first country in Australasia to follow in the footsteps of the European Union and India by banning cosmetics cruelty. A ban already has strong consumer and industry backing with SAFE's opinion poll showing that nearly 90% of Kiwis want a cosmetics animal testing ban.

The Government has so far resisted, claiming such testing is not currently taking place. As Shanti Ahluwalia, campaign officer for SAFE explains, “the truth is, the Government’s claim that cosmetics animal testing doesn’t take place in NZ, simply can’t be verified, and there is a real risk that without a prohibition, NZ leaves itself open to foreign companies requesting cosmetics animal testing in the future.”

New Zealand must ban cosmetics testing on animals, and urgently.

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23 March 2015