OPINION: Animals deserve a life free of bars

SAFE's Head of Campaigns talks zoos in the New Zealand Herald after the death of a male gibbon.

Years ago I went to Auckland Zoo when they held a free entry day.

I vividly remember arriving at the gibbon enclosure to see a gibbon who was clutching at the cage, screaming at everyone going past. His distress was clear to see and afterwards I felt tremendously guilty that I had contributed to his upset, which must have been compounded by the sheer number of visitors that day.

Now I realise that he was Iwani, a male siamang gibbon who has just been euthanised due to being "severely depressed", as reported in the Herald.

It's well known that animals can suffer from depression - pigs on factory farms trapped for weeks on end in sow and farrowing crates are often in utter despair from the constant confinement.

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