Rodeo leads to death in Hawkes Bay

Yet another bull has died at a New Zealand rodeo as the Hawkes Bay Today reports that “a bull that injured its back and was put down by a veterinarian.” 

The Upper Mohaka Rodeo organiser Simon Tahau said "It was a really good day, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was unfortunate that we lost a bull, but these things happen."

The death comes after a bull was so severely injured at the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event in Christchurch last November that he had to be euthanised.

SAFE says the latest death goes to show how badly animals are treated and that the flippant attitude of organisers shows that the animals are nothing more than playthings for participants.

“Another animal has died so that people can have some fun and all the organiser can say is ‘these things happen,'” says Hans Kriek, executive director. “It’s quite incredible how some people are prepared to gloss over the death of an animal. Let’s be clear: the bull died at their hands. It’s not an unfortunate twist of fate. To seriously injure the back of a robust animal like a bull would have taken a lot of violence and the animal would have suffered excruciating pain before being killed.”

The Upper Mohaka event is also criticised for it’s involvement in the 'Trans Tasman High School Rodeo Challenge’, promoting rodeo to kids. SAFE believes it is wrong to encourage youngsters to feel that it is acceptable to hurt, dominate and terrorise animals for fun.

“The majority of people completely disagree with this brutal treatment of animals – rodeo has got to go,” says Hans.

SAFE is renewing its call for a New Zealand wide ban on rodeo.


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Join SAFE in calling for all rodeos in New Zealand to banned.


19 January 2015