Hearing for Proposed Mega Factory Farm Ruffling Feathers

SAFE and supporters have been out in force to protest the development of the new Craddocks Mega Farm, which would damn 310,000 hens to suffering in cruel colony cages.  The protest, outside the council hearing, was joined by locals intent on ensuring that cruelty doesn’t happen on their watch. 

It is absurd that these new colony cages are being introduced when other countries are in the process of banning them.  This farm is a living hell for animals with thousands crammed in and death their only escape.

The farm, if allowed to go ahead, will be the largest colony cage farm in the country.  It will be the start of a new age of factory farming, where chickens are not only confined to cages, but farmed on a massive scale.

SAFE has always been a strong voice for hens, and will continue to campaign on their behalf throughout 2015 and beyond.  But we need YOUR help to do it.  Please donate now, and together we can get hens out of cages for good.

19 November 2014

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