Call For Event Ban After Bull Riding Death

Following the death of a bull at the 'Professional Bull Riders’ (PBR) event held in Christchurch, SAFE are demanding for the event to be banned from New Zealand forever. 

“It is absolutely appalling that a bull lost his life for the sake of frivolous entertainment,” says Hans Kriek, executive director. “Not only do these animals endure stress and fear, they also risk injury and death every time they go out. Events like these are inherently cruel.”

SAFE and supporters staged a demonstration to highlight the cruelty of rodeo outside of the event. SAFE's aim was to remind passersby and rodeo-goers that forcing terrified bulls to perform for the sake of entertainment is animal cruelty.

SAFE believes the idea that the bulls are ‘professional athletes’ living a pampered life, as portrayed by organisers, is ridiculous. 

“They will be stressed, and afraid each time. Bulls naturally do not buck but are forced to do so through the use of the flank strap. It really is a shameful practice,” says Mr Kriek. "Even worse, a bull has now died. It is inevitable that archaic practices like this that abuse and kill animals for fun have got to go. Rodeo must be banned.”


Join SAFE in calling for the PBR to be banned, along with all rodeo in New Zealand.


14 November 2014