Ships of Death

The ghastly live sheep export trade must never resume, which is why SAFE is gearing up to mount a national campaign to prevent sheep shipments from ever again leaving New Zealand shores.

Thankfully New Zealand has had a moratorium preventing the export of live sheep for slaughter since 2003. Prior to this over one million sheep were exported annually. SAFE understands that for the past four years Saudi officials have been negotiating with New Zealand ministry officials to try to lift what is, in effect, a ban. New Zealand now faces the real possibility of this shameful trade starting all over again.

SAFE campaign director Hans Kriek says "Only a huge public outcry will force the government to not restart the trade. If you have never written a letter to help animals, now is the time to make a start."

SAFE is working in a coalition with other animal advocacy organisations in an effort to combine resources to ensure we can convince the government not to lift the moratorium.