Mass slaughter

Mass slaughter is not a sport

Duck shooting kills waterbirds for no reason other than a gruesome and outdated sense of what a minority of people see as ‘fun'.

The shooting of ducks with shotguns inherently causes suffering. Birds feel pain, stress and fear equivalent to that experienced by humans and other animals. The suffering caused by duck shooting is therefore unacceptable. 


Wounding rates

Shotguns fire hundreds of tiny metal pellets that spread out in the air. This leads to high injury rates as animals accompanying a targeted animal can also be hit. If the ducks fly slightly out of range they can still be hit by pellets but without enough force to kill them.

Research overseas undertaken in identical conditions to New Zealand has shown that duck shooting causes unacceptable levels of suffering. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided an estimated wounding loss rate of 25%, after combining the reports of hunters and trained observers. Another study from Australia estimates wounding rate to be as high as 40 - 50%.


Brutal lessons

Despite the clear link between animal abuse and domestic violence, children are being actively encouraged to take up this blood sport and being taught that it is acceptable to kill for no other reason than fun.

Duck shooting sets an irresponsible example for children, from encouraging the use of firearms through to a callous disregard of animals. While children have a natural affinity and love for animals of all kinds, duck shooting teaches that violent acts are positive and that mistreatment of animals is acceptable.

There are many ways to enjoy New Zealand's natural areas that do not require slaughtering wildlife.