Rodeo Quick facts

Risk injury to animals for the sake of people's entertainment.


Originated from the US and was turned into entertainment. Rodeo events are not linked to agriculture in NZ.


Opposite of good animal handling, as normal practice on a farm would be to try to minimise stress.


The very nature of these events is coercion and the assertion of dominance of animals.


Inherently cruel practices that force animals to 'perform'.


Based on animals' reactions to pain, fear and stress. The animals are not aware it's just entertainment and are in distress. Rodeo animals have to defend themselves in any way they can.


Desensitises viewers, especially children, to the suffering of animals.


Rodeo cowboys voluntarily risk injury by participating in events. The animals they use have no such choice. Because speed is a factor in many rodeo events, the risk of accidents is high.


The NZ Animal Welfare Act specifically calls for animals to be handled in a way that minimises the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress. Rodeo clearly contravene this principle.