Former All Black Eroni Clarke gives the 100% Vegetarian Challenge a try

Eroni Clarke is taking the team approach to his latest goal, cutting out animal products from his and his family’s diet. The ex-All Black cites his health as the main reason he’s giving a vegan diet a go. When he was at the height of his career in the early 2000s, he weighed 103kg. But since then, his love of carbs, Island food and takeaways meant he packed on another 50kgs.

While food is central to his Samoan culture, so is family, which is why Clarke has signed up for SAFE’s 100% Vegetarian Challenge. "I think the challenge for me was really seriously thinking about 'am I going to be around to enjoy the next 40, 50 years of my life with my children and grandchildren?' Obviously I'm getting close to my 50s now and that's a big question," he said.

Clarke started changing the way he ate on the first day of World Vegetarian Month and he’s enjoying the positive effects. “I’m not hungry!” Clarke jokes. “It’s tasty. I’m seeing a whole new side to food. It’s great and it’s healthy. I have so much more energy.”

In addition to his family, Clarke has the support of his colleague who is also a fellow Samoan and is sticking to a food plan to help stay on track.

Like Eroni, thousands of Kiwis from around the country have pledged to change their habits and create a kinder world for animals, one meal at a time. World Vegetarian Month is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Our 100% Vegetarian Challenge provides six weeks of supportive emails filled with tips, recipes and advice on nutrition and eating out.

Not only can eating an exclusively plant-based diet protect our health, it is also better for the environment and the best way to help animals. 

Do Good, Feel Great!

30 October 2017