SAFE Animal Squad goes live!

We are excited to announce that the launch of the SAFE Animal Squad website is just around the corner. To celebrate, we are running a special Animal Tales story telling competition where children can create their own animal storybook and go into the draw to win some amazing prizes. The new website and competition will go live in mid-October - so be sure to check it out and join in the fun at

SAFE Animal Squad is a group for Kiwi kids aged 8 - 14 who are passionate about animals and care about how we treat them. The new website is a place where members can find information on important animal issues, and learn how to make New Zealand a better place for all animals. Members will learn about these issues and key facts while having fun through interactive games and videos.

SAFE Animal Squad now has over 400 members and is growing everyday! To sign up and become part of the squad, just

Thanks to all our amazing supporters who helped make kindness and compassion part of our future. 

21 September 2017