Volunteer to help end pig cruelty

Right now, thousands of mother pigs in New Zealand are being kept in farrowing crates. Our petition to the government is an important step in banning these cruel cages and you can help make that happen.

The online petition has had over 20,000 people sign within the first two weeks. We always knew Kiwis really cared about this issue – and thanks to people like you signing and sharing it, the petition is off to a strong start.

To see every farrowing crate in New Zealand empty for good, we need as many signatures as possible. You can help by printing out the petition sheet, getting everyone you can to sign and sending them to us.

As well as your friends and family, other people in your area will want to help. Local cafés, shops, libraries, and anywhere else you can think of, will often let you leave sheets there.

We will also be organising people to take the petition to the street. You can contact us to help, or if you prefer you can do so yourself with a friend and send the sheets to us.

There are a few questions you may get asked by people. We have prepared this Q&A sheet for you to have a read through, or print out and have with you; it will answer any questions.


22 August 2017