Angelique and the SAFE Animal Squad need your help!

“I have always loved animals, and was very excited when I found out that SAFE had a group especially for kids like me.” – Angelique, 12, Wellington

The future of New Zealand’s animals rests in the hands of the next generation, and they need our help.

Angelique is just one of the thousands of children that will benefit from SAFE Animal Squad’s new website – but they need your support to make it a reality.

For years, SAFE has been developing and expanding effective national learning programmes, nurturing compassion through education in schools. Supporting children like Angelique, as they develop empathy and compassion for animals, is vital to the future of New Zealand.

SAFE Animal Squad, for children ages 8 – 14, not only offers children newsletters packed full of information, competitions, games and photos, but will now offer an exciting online community as part of the SAFE Animal Squad website. Being able to give these children the opportunity to interact with one another on a digital platform and easily share resources is the next step toward building compassion through education.

“I am really looking forward to the new SAFE Animal Squad website because I can use it to do my research at home and at school. I can’t wait to show my friends at school. This new website really makes me feel part of the SAFE Animal Squad community!

I am really looking forward to seeing the new SAFE Animal Squad group up and running.”

SAFE Animal Squad is almost ready to go LIVE and one of our most generous supporters, Patricia has promised to match every gift towards the new website!

Your support of the SAFE Animal Squad website means children across New Zealand can access the information they need to be animal advocates, and connect with one another while building empathy and compassion.

Lets show these children that we believe in them as a voice for the animals, now and in the future.

Get involved:

  • Join our generous supporter Patricia, and donate today to bring the SAFE Animal Squad website to children across New Zealand. Every gift made will be matched, because Patricia, like you, believes in the next generation of compassionate Kiwis.
  • Aged between 8- 14? Become a SAFE Animal Squad member today. Sign up here

6 July 2017