A voice for ducks

As we entered another duck ‘shooting season’, once again SAFE spoke out for ducks.

Despite only a small percentage of the population taking part in the barbaric practise of duck shooting, there is very little active opposition to it, so SAFE is determined that New Zealanders learn the other side of this cruel ‘sport’.

Studies from overseas show that around 25 - 40% of ducks shot at are not killed immediately and can die an agonising death after being fatally injured by shooters. Species such as mallards and some native species like paradise ducks are targeted.

The public rely on SAFE for accurate information about duck shooting and its desensitisation effect on young people in particular. SAFE will continue to speak out on behalf of ducks.

Take Action

  • Message the Minister for an urgent review in crippling rates from shooting.
  • Sign our ecard asking the minister for Conservation, Hon Maggie Barry MP, to stop shooters poisoning wildlife and waterways by placing a ban on ALL lead shot.

9 June 2017