Caged Being - FAQ

How big is the cage?

The cage is 56 square meters and it sits within a disused retail space with a large window frontage. Each person has no more that 1.2 square meters each. As with caged hens and pigs, there will be just enough room for each participant to stand up and lie down.

What will they do?

To mimic the boring, under-stimulated life of factory farming animals, participants will be allowed to do very little. There will be little or no stimulation for the participants though they are free to explore their options within the cage. They will be vlogging to friends and followers how they are feeling and coping, and what’s going through their minds etc. Follow the event.

What will they do about the toilet?

Participants will be allowed out to the toilet at set intervals, for limited periods of time.

What will they be eating?

Like caged hens, participants will be grain fed. Plain muesli and soymilk will be served 4x per day. Water will be available.

Where will they sleep?

Participants will be sleeping on the floor, in a sleeping bag, in whatever configuration space will allow. This is when space gets even tighter. Clothing will double as a pillow.

What if they can’t take it?

An emergency escape button exists for everyone; our aim is to raise awareness of factory farming together, not create trauma.

Can they change their clothes?

Only a change of underwear can be brought along.

Can they bring toiletries?

Just a tooth brush, toothpaste and any medication they may require.

Can they use their phones?

For set amounts of time for the purposes of vlogging, participants can use their phones.

They can make quick contact with their families once a day.