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SAFE is currently looking for three new board members. See below for details.

Board Member on Governance Board X3

Location: Nation wide

Applications close: When positions are filled


SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal advocacy organisation. Founded in 1932, SAFE aims to make significant improvements to the lives of animals by raising awareness, challenging cruel practices and changing attitudes. With over 20,000 members, supporters and a small group of dedicated staff, SAFE undertakes high-profile campaigns, public stalls, displays, demonstrations, meetings, education services and research to foster a more informed understanding of the state of human-animal relations in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand.


Particular skills/competencies sought

SAFE strives to attract Board members with experience and skills that will add value to the Board and to the organisation as a whole. Currently we are looking for Board members with professional experience in Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Legal; Change Management. A Board member will possess a compassionate attitude for all life, a personal commitment to improving the well-being of all animals, and an understanding and belief in a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Board members must show a demonstrated commitment to the goals and objectives of SAFE including being a vegetarian or vegan. Board members must not have a clear and demonstrable conflict with the goals and policies of the Society. Any previous conflict must not have existed within the previous 12 months of being appointed.


Commitment required – i.e. meeting frequency and duration etc.

There is a requirement to attend two face-to-face meetings annually and meet via teleconference each six weeks. In addition to these, individual Board Members may volunteer to take on projects over and above the meetings.


Geographic considerations

Anywhere in New Zealand



Honorary role


For further details, or to apply:

Please view SAFE's Board Recruitment Kit and Board Application Form

Contact Melanie Vivian, Board Secretary