Countdown customers for cage-free

We know Countdown’s customers care about hens and want the supermarket giant to stop selling all cage eggs. Now people of all ages have put their message in writing, telling Countdown their personal reason why they want cage-free, and snapped a photo for a new website.

Countdown's parent company, Woolworths, has already committed to stop selling cage eggs in Australia, following the global trend among supermarkets and other retailers worldwide. New Zealand is lagging behind. Countdown sells one in five of the eggs sold in New Zealand and says they care about what their customers want. This is why caring shoppers have put their faces behind the campaign to stop the cruel caging of hens.

Hens suffer a life of deprivation and confinement in cages. In New Zealand, battery cages are being phased out by 2022, only to be replaced by another cage, the colony cage.  Countdown needs to listen to their customers and act now in naming the date they will phase out all cage eggs.

Take action

  • Add your voice to stop Countdown selling cage-eggs by emailing them today.

13 January 2017