Outrage at government inaction on rodeo cruelty

Members of the public, outraged by the government’s inaction on rodeo, were joined by SAFE, Farmwatch and Green Party MP Mojo Mathers outside Parliament in a rally against the continued abuse of animals.

The government’s Primary Production Select Committee this week responded to the 62,000 strong petition asking for a ban of rodeo. However, far from recommending a ban, they haven’t even recommended any restrictions on the worst abuses inflicted on animals by rodeo.

Despite documented welfare breaches in previous seasons, Richmond rodeo ending as sponsors pulled out, and a majority of the public supporting a ban, the government is allowing rodeo abuse to continue.

Rodeos cause animal suffering, distress, injury and even death for entertainment. Footage shot around New Zealand showed terrified animals suffering fear and distress after being prodded, slapped in the face, having their tail twisted, and collapsing from extreme stress.

Rodeo is an embarrassment to New Zealand and is clearly unacceptable to the public who wants to see it end. SAFE will continue the campaign to end rodeo until an out-right ban is achieved.

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10 November 2016