Bad News for Rodeo–Good News for Animals

Pressure is increasing against the abuse of animals in rodeo events with the news that Richmond Rodeo has been cancelled for 2017 and rodeo clubs have lost their major sponsor.

It was at Richmond Rodeo in January 2016, that a bull was euthanised after he broke his leg in a bull riding event. In the footage, filmed on a mobile phone, he is seen with a broken hind leg and is left hobbling around as his injured limb flaps about. In September we also reported that Harcourts have distanced themselves from their previous support of Richmond Rodeo, after being contacted by local SAFE volunteers.

Rodeo events rely heavily on support from business sponsorship, and they struggle when companies withdraw. Cyclone Wire, who were one of the main sponsors of the NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association (NZRCA), as well as many individual events around the country, have decided to stop funding rodeo.

In their September newsletter, the NZRCA say: "Sponsorship will be down in 2016/2017 as Cyclone are no longer a sponsor. There are no other sponsors interested in at the moment.” The NZRCA have yet to remove Cyclone branding from their website.

Rodeo events subject animals to fear, stress, risk of injury and death, all for the sake of entertainment. It’s time for them to be banned altogether. 


Take Action:

Watch to learn more about why rodeos need to be banned in New Zealand. Afterwards, ask PM Bill English to take action

• Many companies have been dropping rodeo sponsorship, but some are still supporting this cruelty. Please email, asking them to stop.



27 September 2016