Celebrate A Kind Easter

Easter is a time of family and celebration, but unfortunately, it hasn't traditionally been a good day for animals. Families around the country celebrate the holiday by eating milk chocolate Easter products without considering or being aware of the deliberate and inherent cruelty in the production of these products.

The great news is, we can have an Easter full of chocolate eggs and bunnies, without the cruelty! There are so many delectable, dairy-free goodies available that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and they are as easy to find as visiting your local supermarket, retailers like The Warehouse, or ordering online via The Cruelty-Free Shop.

Many Kiwis have committed to cutting down or cutting out milk and cheese to make a positive difference to the lives of animals, the planet and their health. It’s easy to be kind and our free 100% Vegetarian Starter Guide makes it even easier as it’s packed full of scrumptious recipes as well as tips and tricks to make the transition a breeze.

Celebrate a kind Easter with a selection of chocolate treats from these brands.

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*Not all products by these brands are dairy-free, please check the label to be sure.  

26 March 2018