400 lives lost in avoidable tragedy

The horrific deaths of about 400 mother and baby pigs in a fire at the Hopuhopu piggery in the Waikato is another example of why farrowing crates must be banned. The sows and their piglets were trapped in crates and had no chance of escape as fire ripped through the shed.

It is not the first time there has been a major fire on this farm that has led to the deaths of hundreds of pigs. Farmwatch has also previously investigated this farm and have footage from within the shed which was destroyed by fire.

“We can only imagine their fear and suffering. Not only did these intelligent animals suffer a horrific life, they too would have had a terrible death.” says SAFE head of campaigns Mandy Carter. “To not have any means to prevent or deal with fire is extremely negligent. These farms are death traps for the animals inside them.”

The animals are seen as mere commodities on factory farms and profits are put before welfare. The close and confined environment on factory farms means that not only do the animals have no means of escape but that fire will spread quickly through the barns and sheds.

SAFE has been calling for a total ban on factory farming in New Zealand, and is campaigning for a ban on one of the worst cruelties of farrowing crates.

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24 August 2015