Puppy Mills

Commonly referred to as puppy mills, puppy breeding farms are commercially run dog breeding facilities where as many as one hundred animals of different breeds will be farmed.

Many farms have more than one breed. Like in factory farms, animals are often kept in small, overcrowded cages in squalid conditions.

Many puppies from mills or backyard breeders are sold in petshops or online trading sites. Churning out litter after litter, often conditions are very poor with animals, particularly the ones kept for breeding, deprived of proper exercise, bedding and socialisation. Pups can be taken from their mothers too young, while their mothers remain in the barren environment.


Designer Dogs?

The Problem With Pet Shops

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  • Don't buy animals. Save a life - adopt from an animal shelter or rescue organisation.
  • Write or call your local pet shops:
    • Ask them where they source their animals.
    • Request they do not source their animals from puppy mills and instead help shelter animals.
    • Ask that they desex and vaccinate all animals before adopting and screen potential adopters.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper asking members of the public to adopt a rescued dog from their local animal shelter rather than buying from a pet shop or breeder.