Factory Farming: Fish

"Salmon farming breaks a natural law. In the natural system, the youngest salmon are not exposed to sea lice because the adult salmon that carry the parasite are offshore.

But fish farms cause a deadly collision between the vulnerable young salmon and sea lice. They are not equipped to survive this, and they don't."

- Alexandra Morton, director of the Salmon Coast Field Station.

While the suffering of factory farmed chickens, hens and pigs is more widely known, the conditions experienced by farmed fish are out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. On factory farms fish can suffer in trapped in overcrowded, dirty cages, subjected to manipulation, injury and disease and exposed to predators and pests.

Fish Farming In New Zealand

Fish Suffer Too




  • All fresh salmon in New Zealand has come from factory farm operations.
  • Don't eat salmon, and encourage your family and friends not to either.