Death knell for rodeo as committee convenes

SAFE hopes 2 June could spell the end for rodeo in New Zealand as the government convenes to consider animal welfare concerns. The discussions involve a formal hearing with a Select Committee mulling over a ban on rodeo.

The hearing will include an address from SAFE following a coalition with Farmwatch and the SPCA that collected over 62,000 signatures, demonstrating widespread support for a rodeo ban and prompting the government to consider the issue. The level of opposition to rodeo is greater than ever before.

“Kiwis want rodeo gone. The days of treating animals like this are well and truly numbered,” says Mandy Carter, SAFE’s Head of Campaigns. “If New Zealand truly wants to be seen as leaders in animal welfare then there is only one choice: we must stop terrifying animals this way and ban rodeo.”

In rodeo, animals can sustain painful injuries, including torn ligaments, fractures and bruising. A horse and a bull died in the 2015-16 rodeo season, with two bulls killed in the previous season. Even when animals are not killed or injured, they are subjected to stress and fear purely for entertainment. They have no way of knowing it is ‘just for fun’, and it is highly distressing.

Thank you so much to all our supporters who have taken a stand for animals abused for rodeo.


1 June 2016