Lab animals impossible to ignore

World Day for Laboratory Animals was on April 25th and this group of eager Christchurch volunteers didn't let this important date go unnoticed!

The group dressed up as laboratory animals and vivisectors and even sat inside a cage for three hours to raise awareness of this very serious issue. Members of the public were asked to sign the petition against thetesting of party pills on animals, and given SAFE shopper cards to educate them about cruelty free products. They collected over 500 signatures for the petition and took over $150 in donations!

It's easy to turn a blind eye to the cruelty kept hidden from us but it would have been impossible to ignore this group of passionate volunteers. It will have made a few people think twice about the cruelty behind the products in their shopping baskets and the difference we can each make as a conscious consumer - well done team!

30 April 2013