SAFE Wellington busy bees!

During the past few months SAFE Wellington has been to one festival per month, including: The Homegrown Festival, Newtown Festival and the smaller yet great vibe that is the Aro Valley Fair. We have sold hundreds of veggie sausages at these events; people even look out for us these days and are very happy to see that, as vegetarian/vegans, they are finally being catered for! 

SAFE Wellington, has also been busy collecting more and more signatures from the general public to stop New World, Chaffers, from selling caged hen eggs. Volunteers Casey Chambers, Lisa Howard, Teal Missen, Jenny Forster and Robyn Dunlop donned bright yellow chicken suits and got nearly 30 pages signed on Saturday 14th April at the 30th Anniversary of a Nuclear Weapon Free NZ in Wellington. People were queuing to sign the petition at one point, commented Lisa Howard. Great to hear that we have a lot of public support!

30 April 2012