SAFE calls for racing ban after horse death

Following the death of a horse in the last meeting of the season SAFE has demanded a ban on jumps racing. 

Field Daze, a seven-year-old gelding, stumbled on landing and fell. He suffered a fractured pelvis and was later euthanised. In the 2015 jumps race season three horse have been killed in New Zealand, while five were euthanised in Australia, two of them in trials rather than ‘official’ races.  Details can be found on our Death Watch page.

SAFE condemns jumps racing because of the inherent danger to the horses who have to jump fences at speed, resulting in unnecessary deaths and injuries.

Campaign officer Marianne Macdonald says that deaths occur year after year. “The horses’ lives and welfare are what is really at stake in jumps racing; an industry where profit and prestige out-weight the safety of the animals.” In the previous three years 18 horses died during the jumps racing season.

“This year so far, there have also been seven deaths from flat racing, showing the inherent danger and cruelty of the horse racing industry,” says Ms Macdonald.

Jumps racing is particularly a problem, injuries that occur when horses fall or crash into jumps or barriers can be horrific. Those that do survive are often discarded when no longer deemed able to profitably race, ending up at the slaughterhouse. Until there is a ban on this appalling so called ‘sport’, horses will continue to suffer and die.

SAFE says a horrible irony was that the race was sponsored by Landmark Vets Ltd who claim to "offer first-class equine services, focusing on sport horses".

New South Wales has already banned jumps racing. New Zealand needs to to the same.


Send a quick message to the sponsors of races to ask why they support animal cruelty. Help spread the word about jumps racing cruelty.


30th September 2015