Cats and wildlife

It is believed that New Zealand has the highest rate of cat companionship per head of population in the world. It is no wonder Economist Gareth Morgan’s controversial ‘Cats To Go’ campaign has created such a public debate, both here and overseas.

SAFE believes the issue is a complex one but Mr Morgan’s suggestion of not replacing the current household cat when he or she dies is unlikely to have the desired effect. 

SAFE recognises that many cats are hunters but they are not the only threat to our wildlife. Other issues also need to be given equal attention. 

SAFE supports ongoing de-sexing programmes in an effort to humanely reduce the numbers of cats in New Zealand and encourages Mr Morgan and other concerned parties including animal protection agencies, local bodies and government departments to invest in long-term strategies. 
We believe this would go a long way to satisfying a common interest in the welfare of both our native wild life and our cat friends.

29 January 2013