SAFE Attends Climate Change Marches

In the lead-up to the Paris climate negotiations, Saturday 28th November saw 15,000 people in Auckland, 7000 in Wellington and 3000 in Christchurch taking to the streets to demand action on climate change. They joined marches across the world by concerned citizens like themselves.

SAFE supporters attended the New Zealand climate marches to highlight the substantial contribution of animal farming to climate change, particularly through greenhouse gas emissions.

Last year’s Chatham House study concluded that livestock farming produces more greenhouse gas emissions globally than ALL forms of transport, and said “consumption of meat and dairy produce is a major driver of climate change”.

In New Zealand,  there are over 10 million cattle and 26.9 million sheep, who are belching methane and creating nitrous oxide from their excrement. Meanwhile animal farming creates carbon dioxide through land clearance, feed crop production and energy use. Agriculture is responsible for nearly 50 per cent of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Largely due to our huge livestock population, New Zealand ranks fifth highest in the world in greenhouse gas emissions per person. Despite this, agriculture has been excluded from New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Moving away from meat and dairy consumption is one of the most powerful ways you can help the environment as an individual.  Sign up to SAFE’s 30-Day Go Veg Challenge to get the advice and support to make it really easy to help save the planet.

28 November 2015