New Zealand, Veganism and a Kinder Life - 11 Questions with James Cameron

Just in time for October’s World Vegetarian Month, acclaimed director and NZ resident James Cameron, speaks at length about the plant-based lifestyle he and his family choose to follow and about his Greytown café; Food Forest Organics. The Vegetarian activist, who recently teamed up with Terminator friend Arnold Schwarzenegger to encourage the world to eat less meat, shares with SAFE some very personal thoughts and philosophies around this lifestyle choice.

"Our whole family - my wife Suzy and I, and our 3 live at home kids, went plant-based in May of 2012, so it’s been over 4 years. Suzy’s goal was improved health for us and the kids, but my goal was to set an example of living responsibly as an environmental activist.

Life in New Zealand

It’s great to get feedback from the community, and to see our little store embraced by the locals. Greytown is a wonderful little town. It reminds me a lot of the town I grew up in as a kid in Canada, which was near Niagara Falls, so you had the small town feeling, but also a big flow-through of tourists. In Greytown you have the overlay of vacationers on the locals, which is good for business and good for spreading the word about organics and plant-based nutrition back to where the visitors are coming from, Wellington or wherever. We’ve found the store is catering particularly well to the locals who know us and appreciate our reputation for quality of produce and products. It’s great to see people asking questions and wanting to know more about organic foods and health products, and about the benefits of plant based diets.

Environment, health and perspective

I knew about the serious negative impacts of animal agriculture on the environment -- the massive contribution to greenhouse forcing, deforestation, biodiversity loss, habitat loss, water pollution, ocean dead zones, etc - but I believed we NEEDED to eat meat and drink milk for health. I think that’s a particularly male perspective. I need PROTEIN, damn it! What I didn’t understand was that protein comes from plants - that’s where the cattle, pigs, chickens and so on get it in the first place -- so we can absolutely cut out the middle man, and in the process cut out heart disease, diabetes, many forms of cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and all sorts of diseases of modern life that are caused or worsened by eating critters."

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29 September 2016