The only way to test lipstick on a bunny!

Timing perfectly with World Lipstick Day this year, July 29th, animal-loving bachelorette Alicia Cowan, has teamed up to become SAFE’s poster girl and ambassador for our upcoming Cruelty-Free Week, Aug 1-8th.  Alicia and Willow, the bunny, demonstrate to New Zealanders the only way makeup should be tested on animals: with a kiss. They are promoting SAFE’s great cruelty-free SAFEshopper App, created especially for Kiwis who care about animals.  

Downloading the App is a super easy way to avoid animal cruelty, which is great news for animals and shoppers alike. Even better, for the month of August, everyone who downloads SAFEshopper will be able to access exclusive offers from selected companies listed on the App. 

The country girl from the Waikato, Alicia says; “It’s time to make better choices New Zealand. Let’s be conscious of the products we are purchasing. Join me and Willow in using the SAFE Shopper App and choosing brands that do not test on animals. Looking and feeling good no longer has to be at the expense of and suffering of animals.” 

The SAFEshopper App is one of a kind here in New Zealand, enabling the growing numbers of women who love to wear make-up, but who hate the idea of harming animals for it, to shop with care. It’s free for users and companies, and it displays products not tested on animals, from cosmetics and personal care items, to household cleaners. 

You can search or browse companies alphabetically and by product categories and it has direct links to company websites.

Take Action:

  • Watch Alicia's SAFEshopper App review.
  • Download the SAFEshopper App

29 July 2016