1000 customers ask Takapuna New World to stop selling cage eggs

More than 1,200 North Shore residents have signed their support for the Takapuna New World supermarket to go ‘cage-free' and remove cage eggs from shelves.

Members of the North Shore SAFE volunteer group met Takapuna New World manager Jack Dill-Russell to present the 1,200-plus signature petition, asking for the store to commit to a phase-out of cage eggs from shelves, and in the meantime, improve the labelling of the eggs.

A passionate group of local SAFE volunteers has been collecting signatures, and Mr Pryor says the high level of support has been gratifying. "We've been inspired by how much the public care, and want something done about this issue. We believe the level of support we've seen is a clear indicator that local people are eager to do away with cage eggs." says SAFE campaign director Eliot Pryor.

While seeking a legal ban on battery and colony cages for layer hens, Mr Pryor says SAFE is also working to raise consumer awareness, and appealing to retailers to move away from stocking or using cruel cage eggs. SAFE groups around New Zealand are currently working on lobbying their local supermarkets.

"Everyone can play their part," says Mr Pryor. "There are, in fact, already supermarkets in New Zealand that have removed cage eggs from their shelves, and have found that it did not affect their sales at all. We aim to encourage this trend.

"We believe phasing out cage eggs altogether will enhance this store's reputation."