More Kiwi Stars Join the Fight to Ban Rodeo

Emmett Skilton and James Napier Robertson are the latest Kiwi celebrities to join SAFE and the New Zealand public in rejecting animal cruelty as entertainment. 

As the rodeo season draws to a close, so too does the petition to ban rodeo events in New Zealand. The petition currently bears close to 50 000 signatures and SAFE are hoping for even more Kiwis to get on board in these final weeks, to make this campaign a success.

Almighty Johnsons' actor Emmett Skilton says "I see no difference between an owner beating their dog and a rider forcing a bull into rodeo; both are extreme cruelty yet only one is illegal. It’s time for that to change."

Dark Horse director and screenwriter James Napier Robertson adds "Rodeo's are cruel and outdated. New Zealand is too beautiful a country to continue abusing our animals for sport in this way."  

In rodeo, animals are grabbed, chased, wrestled and roped, all for the sake of ‘entertainment’. But the animals don’t know this and for them rodeo is a terrifying experience where they run the risk of injury or worse. Some of the animals will travel from rodeo to rodeo, going through the same torment over and over.

Despite the fact that the Animal Welfare Act requires that animals are not subjected to unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress, this is exactly what rodeos do.

Thank you to everyone that signed the petition calling on the government to ban rodeo events in New Zealand. The petition was presented to parliament on 17th March 2016, and we await the government’s response. 


15 March 2016