SAFE Wellington has had a busy month at various events including the Pet Expo and Evolving Consciousness Fair. 

Wellington volunteers managed to get nearly 600 postcards signed at the Pet Expo, held in Upper Hutt during the first weekend of November, which was a great result.

"Nearly everyone we spoke to either bought free range eggs, had their own chickens or didn't eat eggs," says Wellington coordinator Rachel Manley.

"Children were especially disgusted at the treatment of chickens and were really interested in our life-size replica battery hen cage," says Rachel. "These cages are a fantastic way for people to fully visualise the plight of caged hens."

Rachel says they also managed to get another 20 pages of signatures of a petition addressed to their local New World asking them to stop selling caged hen eggs. Well done, Wellington!

The Evolving Consciousness Fair was a relatively quiet fair, which gathered together like-minded people. The SAFE stall attracted lots of support including gathering many signatures on the petition for New World.

"Talking to the public is always a good reminder that we are not alone in wanting hen cages banned for layer hens," says local volunteer Hannah Lessells.

23 November 2011