Support SAFE while booking a holiday

Kiwi company KiwiKarma have nominated SAFE to be one of a handful of New Zealand charities to be recipient to 3% of all their accommodation booking fees. So do yourself and animals a favour by visiting today! 

KiwiKarma’s booking site works for SAFE, the animals and the user at the same time. A 3% donation is made when the user nominates SAFE as their charity of choice, as they book their room- and, it comes at no extra cost to the user.

There are over 3000 accommodation listings from all over New Zealand to browse, ranging from backpackers, to high-end lodges or something in between. Users are not charged a booking or credit card fee either and the site is nice and easy for finding, comparing and booking accommodation.
So do yourself and animals a favour by visiting today!

23 June 2013