Colony eggs not all they are cracked up to be

Suzanne Paul, well known entrepreneur, TV personality and presenter, has joined with SAFE to produce a spoof video explaining New Zealand’s new colony cage system for layer hens. Using her natural humour she shows what life is like for hens in 'colony' battery cages. The satirical video features Suzanne, in a colourful egg-themed outfit, extolling the virtues of the new, upgraded ‘colony apartment systems’ for hens.

“I was absolutely appalled by these new cages for hens. I really thought we were better than this! I know that caring New Zealanders will feel as disgusted as me and oppose this cruel new system,” says Suzanne.

Conventional battery cages are being phased out from New Zealand by 2022 but in their place the egg industry is bringing in the new ‘colony’ cage system. SAFE is concerned that the public is being duped, with the egg industry reluctant even to label the system with the word ‘cage’, and the eggs being sold at supermarkets, including Countdown.

Earlier this year SAFE released shocking footage from a facility containing the new colony battery cages that showed hens trapped and dying. Hens in colony cages have the same life of horror as a battery hen.

Take Action

Thousands of New Zealanders have asked Countdown to go cage free, as their parent company Woolworths in Australia has already done. Let Countdown know it’s time they stopped being part of the con of selling cage eggs as ‘colony laid’. Demand that they listen to their customers who want an end to cage cruelty, by naming the date they will phase out ALL cage eggs.

23 November 2016