Jeremy Redmore - Takes the challenge!

Singer, song-writer, SAFE supporter, animal lover and general 'nice guy' Jeremy Redmore of Ex Midnight Youth fame, recently rose to SAFE’s 30 Day Veg challenge. 

You can read below about his experiences over those 30 days.


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Why did you choose to Go Veg?

A couple of reasons really – to get a new perspective on people's eating habits and to help bring light to the fact that the vast majority of animals we eat are treated cruelly in the process of us doing so.

Did anyone join you?

Yeah definitely, a couple of close friends have taken up the challenge and a number of people have contacted me on my social sites saying they're also joining the cause.

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered by Going Veg?

I think the best thing has been trying out new meals when eating out and experimenting with fresh combinations of ingredients within my own kitchen.

Have you enjoyed the new food?

Absolutely, and it's been a great time of year to try this out as so many great fruit and veges are in season.

What’s an example of a dish you have enjoyed creating and serving others?

My own classic-style bolognese with extra mushrooms and spinach as well as chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes and olives.

Has there been anything negative about going veg?

I have struggled with steep drop-offs in energy—something I've never experienced before—though I expect I'll get better at eating with this in mind the longer I keep at it.

Have you found anything difficult about it?

Finding a quick meal on the run is difficult. So many of our 'fast food' outlets are based around meat and offer poor veg options. My life is often one without routine, so planning every meal is tough and I often rely on a quick fix – maybe a map of sushi bars in Auckland would help!

Will you stay Veg long term, do you think?

I'll certainly be doing my best to try – I'm on a good roll with just a few days to go in the month, so I'll try and keep my momentum going.

What do your friends, work colleagues and family think?

To be honest, most have expressed a sense of confusion over why I've taken up the challenge and don't particularly respect the idea. It actually reminds me of being a non-smoker several years ago when everyone I knew at the time smoked. Almost all of those people are now smoke-free so hopefully that same change happens for going meat-free.

Was there a funny moment on your journey?

The first week or so of my body adjusting to a high-fibre diet, coupled with rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar, meant I volunteered for plenty of scenes where I now appear alone and away from the rest of the cast! (Beans!)