Shortie’s Ben Barrington Pledges to Go Veg

Ben Barrington, Shortland Street actor and animal lover, is embracing cruelty-free living for January!

Ben has decided to take SAFE’s 30-day Go Veg Challenge as part of his New Year’s resolutions.

“I love animals and so l thought l'd try to extend my love by going meat-free for the month of January,” said Ben. “I feel it's one small way l can give farmed animals in New Zealand a break, plus it can't do my own health any harm either. I encourage other Kiwis to take the SAFE 30-day Veg Challenge - the more who do, the more furry creatures' lives will be spared!”

Ben will stop eating meat cold 'tofurkey,' but he won’t be doing it alone. By signing up for SAFE’s challenge Ben and others will receive weekly emails of encouragement and support, as well as tips and tricks for staying on track. Habits are easier to form by taking small steps each day, so if you’ve been thinking of cutting animal products out of your diet, the Go Veg Challenge is a great way to get started.

While Ben’s motivations are his care and concern for animals, here are a few other reasons to put cutting out animal products at the top of your list of resolutions in 2016:

  1. Do it for your health!
    Eating a healthy, plant-based diet can lead to weight loss, lower your risk of developing heart disease, clear up acne and promote a sense of overall well-being.
  2. Do it for taste!
    Check out some of our delicious vegan recipes and spend some time exploring all the alternatives at your local supermarkets. You’ll see for yourself that you really don’t have to sacrifice flavour when you eat compassionately.
  3. Do it for the planet!
    Animal products are wreaking havoc on our planet. The meat industry is one of the biggest causes of climate change, a major priority on the world scene. You can’t get much greener than cutting out animal products.
  4. Do it to promote peace!
    You believe in freedom, equality and respecting others. So put those principles into action by extending that compassion to animals and keeping them off your plate.
  5. Do it because it’s cool!
    Lots of celebrities are wise to the benefits of cutting animal products from their diets. Everyone from Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Ariana Grande, Al Gore, Flo Rida, Tobey Maguire, Alicia Silverstone, Anthony Kiedis, Casey Affleck, Kristen Bell, Joss Stone, Anne Hathaway to Liam Hemsworth (just to name a few!) are living happy, healthy, plant-based lives.

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Take the Go Veg pledge today!

Missed New Year, no worries! Join Ben and start off the New Year by forming healthy habits for yourself, for the planet – and most of all for the animals.


21 December 2015