60,000 strong say 'leave animals out'

Over 60,000 people have voiced their objection to the proposed testing of party pills on animals.

Today at lunchtime, SAFE, The New Zealand Anti Vivisection Society (NZAVS) and the Royal New Zealand SPCA. and supporters accompanied by dogs, including rescued laboratory dogs, presented a petition on the steps of Parliament, asking the government to specifically prohibit animal testing of these drugs. The organisations say public outcry against the cruel tests has been overwhelming.

The petition calls on the House of Representatives to stop animal testing of party pills and gathered over 60,000 signatures in just over one month, showing strong public opposition to harming animals for the sake of recreational drugs.

The petition handover took place despite the refusal last week by the National Party MPs on the health select committee to hear submissions on animal testing during the hearings on the psychoactive substances bill.            

"The select committee is not only missing an opportunity to prevent unnecessary suffering for dogs and rats but also to listen to the significant number of Kiwis that clearly want animal testing ruled out," says SAFE Executive Director Hans Kriek.

21 May 2013