Your free guide to eating with kindness

Life on modern day farms is a living nightmare for millions of New Zealand animals.

Most spend each day suffering in extreme confinement on factory farms until the day they are killed. Some will also endure their tails, teeth and beaks being cut without pain relief. And those ‘lucky enough’ to live on non-intensive farms will still meet the same fate at the slaughterhouse.

However… New Zealanders are changing. We are rethinking, redefining and rebuilding for a kinder world for animals. SAFE’s new meat-free campaign is the perfect recipe to stand up for fairness, kindness and compassion every single day! Grocery shopping is our most powerful opportunity to vote against animal cruelty. It’s time we felt good about who we are, how we live and what we eat.

And here’s the best part: it’s totally easy, affordable and delicious. Our FREE ‘100% Vegetarian Guide’, website and challenge will help compassionate New Zealanders on the way to a lifestyle that’s kind to animals and them.

Plant-based eating is everywhere, from Hollywood A-listers to the hip guy next door. Even Einstein was onto it. People are recognising that a simple choice makes a big difference and they are putting their values into action.

Together we’re opening hearts, and embracing the future.

Do Good, Feel Great!

20 September 2016