Rodeo fight gets a new contender as season of misery comes to a close

SAFE are excited to be joined by Mark Hunt, global kickboxing and Mixed Martial Art superstar, aka the ‘Super Samoan’, in calling for a ban on rodeos.

During rodeo events animals are grabbed and wrestled aggressively, often causing painful injuries and even death.  Whilst the cowboys choose to take part, the animals have no say and are coerced into performing with the use of flank straps, electric prods and painful spurs.

"As a fighter - I choose to get into the cage, so does my opponent. Animals in rodeos do not. In my world the strong protect the weak. It's not right to inflict pain and scare animals for entertainment. Ban rodeos – they’re cruel. Don't be that guy," says Mr Hunt.

Rodeos are promoted as traditional displays of skill and bravery, but in reality they are a disturbing exhibition of human dominance over animals, all for the sake of ‘entertainment’.

With so many other activities on offer, there is simply no excuse for supporting one filled with cruelty.

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Join SAFE in calling for all rodeos in New Zealand to be banned.

20 February 2015