World 'hug a vegetarian' day

Sporting funky new t-shirts and brand new huggable costumes designed by our friends at Kiwi Costumes, SAFE staff and volunteers, along with our giant chick mascot, gave away free hugs to the public on Auckland's Queen Street to celebrate World Hug a Vegetarian day (30 September).

"The event proved very popular and showed that vegetarianism can be lots of fun and even full of surprises! Carnivores were invited to get a taste of vegetarians... or at least a cuddle," says SAFE promotions manager Amanda Sorrenson.

Amanda said the funky brightly-coloured new Hug Me t-shirts helped commemorate the day with a cheeky caption, "Hug Me...Vegetarians do it better!".

"Many New Zealanders are going vegetarian or vegan, including actors such as Anna Paquin and Lisa Chappell, journalist Samantha Hayes and triathlete Elaine Brent.

"Internationally, a huge number of high-profile people are finding out the benefits of a vegan diet and deciding to adopt the healthier choice. These include former US president Bill Clinton, celebrity Ellen Degeneres and former champion boxer Mike Tyson," says Amanda.



If you're feeling a little hot or cheeky, get yourself one of our cool new Hug Me...Vegetarians do it better! tees. These definitely prove vegetarians are not boring and fun way to promote going vegetarian as a positive, loveable lifestyle choice!

19 October 2011