2011 Vege expos successful

Two highly successful vegetarian expos held in Christchurch and Wellington to celebrate World Vegetarian Day, demonstrated that the more caring and green lifestyle is proving extremely popular. 


Christchurch Expo

Organised by the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre, this year was the biggest yet - a whopping 5,000 people attended!

SAFE's education officer Nichola Kriek presented a talk entitled, Talking Animal Rights, which was well attended. One person even decided to go vegan after attending the talk! Nice one!

SAFE held two stalls at the event, one to hand out information and offer people a chance to sign petitions against factory farming, and another to sell cruelty free goodies. The shop stall sold over $1,300 worth of sweets, t-shirts, badges and stickers.

A big thank you to the volunteers who ran the stalls.


Wellington Vegetarian Food and Lifestyle Festival

The Wellington SAFE stall sold over 250 vegan sausages to hungry Wellingtonians over the course of the day! The team also encouraged festival-goers to sign the petition against battery hen eggs being sold at supermarkets, along with signing postcards against battery farming addressed to their local MP.

"The day was perfect, the sun was shining and there was good food and great company, making this an awesome event for the local vegan and vegetarian community," says Wellington coordinator Rachel Manley.

"We also held a mini cruelty free stall selling a huge array of vegan products including marshmallows and Tutti Frutti sweets, which were among the top sellers," says Rachel. 

19 October 2011