New Zealand misses chance to lead world against animal testing

Despite a huge public outcry the select committee considering the Psychoactive Substances Bill has refused to consider banning testing of party pills using animals. Instead it put clauses into the pending law saying animal tests have to be kept to a minimum, and alternatives have to be used where possible.

In just a month, nearly 70 thousand New Zealanders signed a petition calling for testing of party pills on animals to be banned. However the Select Committee ignored submissions on the testing of party pills on animals. SAFE executive director Hans Kriek said the proposed animal welfare additions to the Psychoactive Substances Bill are a cop out.

"Its a cowardly decision that they made, and again they're not doing New Zealand Inc. a service here at all. We could have led the world here, and now we're just going to be running behind everyone else again."

19 June 2013