Plant-based better for health – NZ study

Want a slimmer waistline – and to eat what you want, without exercising? No problem!

A Kiwi study published in the international scientific journal Nutrition and Diabetes found that an all-you-can-eat, whole food, plant-based diet can help you lower your cholesterol, fight type-2 diabetes and trim down.

The average participant lost 11.5kg in one year, which is huge considering participants had no restriction on calories and did not have to exercise.

The 65 participants were split randomly into two groups: half ate a whole food plant-based diet and received cooking classes and health education during a 12-week period. Those who changed their diet:

  • Lost an average of 11.5kg
  • Decreased their waist circumference by an average of 9cm
  • Decreased their reliance on medication by 29%
  • Half of patients with diabetes reduced their dosage or reliance on diabetes medications, including a quarter who no longer require insulin
  • Those without diabetes reported improved levels of HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin), which is used to assess a person’s risk of developing diabetes-related complications.
  • Improved their self-esteem and quality of life

The study was so successful, authors are beginning a second trial to look more closely at the benefits of a plant-based diet for those with type-2 diabetes.

Look good and feel better by cutting animal products out of your diet! Not only is it a prescription for good for health, it’s also kinder on the planet and it helps save lives.

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24 April 2017