World Week for Laboratory Animals

The question is not, can they reason, nor, can they talk. But, can they suffer?

– Jeremy Bentham

This week is World Week for Laboratory Animals running from 16th to 24th April, culminating in World Day on the 24th. It focuses the spotlight on the millions of animals across the world suffering and dying in labs.

In New Zealand alone, over 310,000 animals were subjected to Government sanctioned experiments in 2014 (the most recent figures published). This is an alarming increase of 39% on the previous year. National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee figures show that 8,555 animals suffered extreme pain and distress in experiments classified as causing ‘very high impact’. This used to be referred to as ‘very severe suffering’. Although the name changed to sound more benign, the impact on the animals did not.

Many people are surprised to learn that rather than being done for a ‘greater good’, many experiments are done for agricultural production, for example aiming to increase milk yields or wool production.  Cruelty for the sake of profit!

SAFE works towards an end to all animal testing.


19 April 2016