What happens when we’re shown the truth about eggs?

Until recently ‘colony battery cages’ were the egg industry’s best kept secret. The so-called ‘humane’ alternative to conventional battery cages still sees the egg industy give hens little more space than an A4 piece of paper per bird. Even worse, an investigation showed that ‘enrichments’ in these new cages are so bad as to actually cause some hens to be trapped and left to die.

One of New Zealand’s biggest retailers, Countdown, sells millions of eggs from caged hens – every one laid by a hen confined to a life of misery. Countdown is owned by Woolworths Australia who committed to stop selling cage eggs in Australia by 2018.

We’ve been asking Countdown to make a similar commitment, but so far we’ve just heard excuses. SO, we thought we’d ask the public what they thought.

WATCH to see their reactions.

20 April 2016